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Private Investigations & Security Services

Solution Focused

About Us

NTS Solutions is a Seattle based private investigations and security consulting company that recognizes the ongoing need for reliable information and solution-based approaches in an evolving security climate.  We are a partnership of private security professionals with over 40 years of law enforcement experience at the State, Federal, and International level. By leveraging our professional experience and industry-specific knowledge we can thoughtfully tailor a service that meets your unique security needs.  We are a fully inclusive professional group providing services to private individuals, corporations, and international entities. NTS is committed to providing a seamless client experience by delivering clear, consistent, and transparent results.



Providing investigative services including private investigations, background checks, surveillance, find/locate individuals, pre-employment screening, and collecting information used in civil, criminal, and administrative proceedings. 

Executive Protection

Comprehensive coverage and secure protection for high-net worth principals requiring advance travel plans, secure transport, international location risk assessments, and logistical coordination of assets. 

Corporate Consulting

Strategic consulting around corporate security and investigative needs tailored to building teams, making recommendations for organizational improvement, and streamlining operations for optimal functionality.

Working from Home

What People Say

"A highly trained professional and competent investigator, knowledgeable in security matters, assistance was invaluable during our visit. Provided all the necessary information and coordination in a timely manner, often staying later to help with our requests."

Jeff Lefler

US Department of State


Contact Us

Phone: (206) 465-5692 

Contact us for a consultation, estimate for services, and any questions about your investigative or security service needs.

Thank you for reaching out to NTS Solutions, a member of our team will be contacting you within 24 hours.

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